ETICS – External thermal insulation

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The thermal insulation is a compound of different constructive elements, that has as main goal the reduction of permeability in the whole building envelope, avoiding high temperatures from the outside to modify the thermal comfort and feeling on the inside.

Nowadays we have several options to make this thermal insulation possible, with elements that are placed either on the outside or on the inside of the dwelling

 Among the most common techniques we can highlight: the SATE-ETICS system, the exterior insulation with ventilated facade, insulation through chamber injection, inner insulation sistem and the polyurethane projection.

The SATE-ETIC systems consist on the cration of an outter covering made of sandwich pannels (or Robertson), attached to the building’s envelope either with glue or with a mechanical anchoring of self-drilling screws. The insulation is protected by a cement rendering and a self-reinforcing mesh between them.

The thermal losses during winter and summer times are reduced in a 35%-72%.

The main advantage of this system is that the thermal bridges, that actually conform the biggest thermal losses of a building, are almost reduced to zero. A thermal barrier is created towards the exterior. We also avoid condensation and fungus problems through moisture leaks, and lastly, we do not get a reduction in the inner espace, as the elemnts are placed on the outside.

The implementation of this elements does not require any wreckings or demolitions, all the work in the inside of the dewelling are avoided.

The exterior finishes can be chosen from a wide range of possibilities and both the structural integrity  and the envelope are completely protected from the external aggressions of the surroundings.

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